Books of 2012

Norma Cole _Win these Posters and Other Unrelated Prizes Inside_

Cole’s book opens with a poem which shares a name w/ the iphone interaction “Facetime” — questioning our mortal relations in relation to our mediating devices, and further the militarized relations which maintain our products. “Santa from a tank…” so the first line goes, in the first section “14000 Facts” — locating consumption in relation to the drone and the final fact of the mortal body amid these anagrams:

[…] One knee bent, the other

Straight out behind, as if

You turn suddenly
Deep into a pirouette
But instead stay still
Then fold to the ground

Arms, legs folded as fact […]
(Win 13)

Working on the layout w/ CJ Martin for the reprint of Cole’s _Do The Monkey_ we had to decide on
how to present Norma’s unconventional titling ways — resistance to the standardized text. In correspondence w/ Wendy Tourrand re: another book, she writes “In the shaping of these poems, I had, among other things, been working towards other possible relationships between the title and the body of the text. The metaphor central to these conventional terms is a dead giveaway: I was resisting the separation of TITLE and BODY, and the hierarchy this relationship implies. My resistance is not surprising, given my on-going engagement with the concerns of phenomenology, and the investigations of relationships between, or inseparability of, thought/intellection and experience/physicality/emotion and pursuit of intellect-as-passion, or passionate thought.” In _Win_ Cole lays bare all this and other related prizes.

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